Best Luxury SUV 2014

Some people will put up with anything to get in a great off-road vehicle, especially the people who ride a desk most of the week. However, once it is time to purchase a great SUV, it is doubtful that same person in the family will get a choice SUV without a struggle. Some SUVs and crossovers aren’t practical, and that’s why the 2013 RX350 is simply the best choice for family SUV.

The luxury RX350 is one of those SUVs that whole families check out. Sporting a 3.5L V6 capable of generating real hp, this car is what people want in luxury and practicality. While it will still impress a racecar driver, the RX35 is the upscale crowd’s family car.


Ownership Costs

If the people at Lexus had any say in the matter, the SUV would never have had any growing pains. An SUV that combines the dependability and desirable cost of ownership with real handling and a definite profile to fit any environment, the RX350 has low depreciation, decent gas mileage and low maintenance costs of much more conservative cars.

On top of the 27 mpg highway efficiency, the cabin is roomy, luxurious and features technology like blue tooth phone, audio connectivity and an interior silence that is remarkable. This Lexus has an optional navigation system, blind-spot monitor and infotainment system that will make any tech-happy consumer thrilled to their bone marrow.

2012 RX 450h Hybrid

Addition by Subtraction

Does it have cargo space? While there are different approaches to driving a car like this, everybody will agree that hauling stuff around in the RX350 is a snap. The manufacturer has developed an incredible package for the 2013 RX350. In many ways, it’s winning features are negatives. For instance, the V6 engine is powerful, but not intoxicating. The suspension conveys a comfortable, luxurious ride, but the handling doesn’t inspire carnivorous road behavior. The automatic transmission is nice, but a manual transmission might be more fun.

It’s not like fun is out in this car. It’s just that it won has hearts with its quality, size and family-friendly features. The car seats five people in two row seats. The depreciation is minimal, the gas mileage is decent and the cost of maintenance is nominal. For a luxury car, these are great achievements, and they may distract from the other features, but drivers will not forget its capabilities.

Revista Driver Jul-Ago/09 - Audi Q5 2.0TFSI


Stacked up against the best SUV brands, the RX350 fares well. Compared to the BMW X3, it’s less expensive, with even more features to offer. The RX350 has a more luxurious interior than the Ford Explorer has. It can hold more passengers and cargo than the Audi Q5 can hold. It’s more family-friendly than the Acura MDX is. It has more power and headroom than the Volvo XC90 offers.

Cherishing the family and looking among top luxury SUVs does not mean you must sacrifice a thing. Get behind the wheel of this SUV with all the extras. The Lexus RX350 is not entirely different from other large SUVs. It’s just more luxurious and family friendly. It’s the best luxury SUV 2014.